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Lots of options for your firearm session! Appointments available nights & weekends plus some day times.

  • 1-on-1 or couple/bestie sessions
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  • Night time appts
  • Weekend appts
  • Some day time appts
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Client Testimonials

Before buying my first gun and getting my LTC I wanted to know the ins and outs of guns and gun safety. Kristen was the perfect solution. On our first meeting, I learned so much about safety, handling a gun, the importance of planning. She walked me step by step through each and gave me rationales. This appealed to my nurse practitioner brain because I’m all about risk assessment and reduction. She is thorough in her teachings and makes it fun by using her sense of humor to ease you into it. At the range, she talked me through each step and then true to a good teacher, she knew when to let me fly on my own. I was admittedly nervous and her approach makes it less intimidating. She never made me feel dumb for asking a question. She even researched my requirements for my LTC, she wanted to ensure I was ready. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her!

Rachel B

Kristen welcomed me into her home for personalized one-on-one training.  I knew I wanted to improve my comfort around guns and address accuracy and efficiency in my shooting.  Kristen gave clear instruction, listened to my questions, and immediately recognized my weak points to know what to practice and improve.  Safety was always the priority.  Kristen is personable, patient, and kind.  I recommend her training program to anyone willing to learn!

Patricia A

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