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Training With WTFK – Kristen Day

Be informed, follow safety, stay mindful, be proactive, get trained, stay safe!

Don’t have a gun? No problem – I can help you select a gun that fits your needs, situation and person.

Haven’t shot your gun in forever?  No problem – well, it is in that it’s not helping you but I can get you back into the swing of things and make sure you are safe and practicing quality fundamentals.

Shoot decent but need to improve? I got you – let me help you grow in your journey!

A session will include: firearms safety, gun functionality, shooting fundamentals, gun parts, bullet travel, dry fire with a laser and then live fire.

1-on-1 Training

Couple Private Training

Small Group Class Training & Range Time

Small Group NON-Shooting Class

Learn to Shoot

Situational Awareness – Home & Business

Intro to Competition

Countering Mass Shooter Threat

At this time, I primarily provide 1on1 private training for you to learn all of the above and more. I usually set these up in 2 sessions for YOUR benefit as it is a lot of material and safety is paramount.

I can do a private training for 2 (spouse, young adult or bestie) but we will need a little more time so you both can fully benefit.

I offer some courses with a classroom setting & range time set up at various ranges approved for outside instructors around the Greater Houston area.  Please note those classes will vary.

I also offer non-shooting classes that can be taught at your home, church or office which can also help keep costs down. I have material for mom & me, senior safety, real estate professionals, college students, businesses and can pretty much cater to any demographic. Course work is all about firearms safety, personal safety and situational awareness, mass shooter threat, technology safety and the like. Again, this material can cater to your audience.

Let’s Do It

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Learn more about protecting your family!


Firearms Training


Basic Firearms Safety


Shooting Fundamentals


Basic Gun Mechanics - Know Your Gun


1-on-1 Coaching for Personal Improvement


Small Group Firearms Safety & Personal Safety

Working on her trigger press

Let’s get started

Whatever you need i can help you

Firearms Training

Always start with safety and work at your knowedge and experience. 

Gun Knowledge

Get help with what gun to buy with your purpose, goals and skills in mind.


It’s something to consider and prepare you for should something happen in your home?

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Client Testimonials

As a woman who did not grow up around guns and having a bad experience with guns once, I knew I needed to get comfortable with handling one safely. Kristen was kind enough to help me. I learned more from her in two hours than I ever did from any guy who ever tried to teach me. I feel like I have a solid basis to start the journey of getting my license to carry. Kristen is patient and super knowledgeable. You are in good hands with her. Call her ASAP. You will be glad you did.

Deb B

I really enjoyed my time with Kristen! I was a little nervous going in because I hadn’t shot any of my pistols since I got my LTC 4 years ago, and 2 of them were brand new, never been fired. She met me where I was at in my knowledge of gun safety and use, without judgment and was very patient with me. I felt very comfortable and safe with her and her knowledge, training and direction for firearms. Loved that she went over gun safety before we went in to shoot, and would gently correct me when I forgot something while in the range. She left me with some homework on dry firing, and sent me a written outline of everything after we left. I love her attention to details! I went in nervous, and came out empowered!

Laura C

Learn more about protecting your family!

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