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How I Can Work With You…

Training With WTFK – Kristen Day

1 on 1 Firearms Training (or a couple)

I usually set up 2 sessions – with the 1st being basic firearms safety, gun functionality, shooting fundamentals and then get your hands on a gun to practice the basics and dry fire. We use a laser to aid in your shot placement. The 2nd session we will spend on the range with you shooting. I will recap safety and then we will start with dry fire on the range to go over the fundamentals and then start shooting. (Two 1.5 hour sessions on two different dates)  (Prices vary slightly based on 1 or 2 shooters and location of the sessions)

Classes AT a Local Range, House, Business or Event Center

Periodically I will set up classes at a range or business and teach a variety of topics:

  • Developing a Home Protection Plan,
  • Basic Firearms Safety & Fundamentals,
  • Situational Awareness,
  • Constitutional Carry v Licence to Carry
  • Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

These will be posted on the USCCA page under my profile HERE or contact me and I can set one up for you.

Small Group NON-Shooting Classes

I really want people to be safe, whether it is with their firearm or just in their home and business life.  I have some coursework that I would like to teach such as:

  • Mom & Me – home safety
  • Senior Safety – situational awareness, tech & home safety
  • Real Estate Safety – situational awareness & personal safety
  • New College Students – situational awareness, mass shooter threat & personal safet

These classes don’t require live fire or firearms at all so I can teach these at your home, your office or anywhere we have enough room. If you would like to host one of these classes in your home (for your friends) or your office (for your team or open to all), please contact me and we can discuss the specifics and go from there.

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Firearms Training


Basic Firearms Safety


Shooting Fundamentals


Basic Gun Mechanics - Know Your Gun


1-on-1 Coaching for Personal Improvement


Small Group Firearms or Safety Classes

Learning to be safe

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Firearms Training

Always start with safety and work at your knowedge and experience. 

Gun Knowledge

Get help with what gun to buy with your purpose, goals and skills in mind.


It’s something to consider and prepare you for should something happen in your home?

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Client Testimonials

I had an incredible 1:1 lesson today with Kristen at the gun range on firearm safety. She’s knowledgeable, professional, patient and overall just a top notch certified instructor! Today was my first time shooting live ammunition. By the looks of the target practice, I did GREAT. I’m super proud of myself for learning a new skill. I still have lots to learn but I know who will be teaching me!!! Seriously ladies you need to check out WTFKristen.com.

Patricia C

If you are looking for a great pistol instructor Kristen Day would be my first choice. When I was preparing for my first National Competition Kristen gave me instruction and guidance that earned me a 2nd place award in my division and class. If you want training as a beginner, experienced that needs a refresher or want to get into competition I would call Kristen. 

Jeannie M

Learn more about protecting your family!

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