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In my firearms training and during the time I have been shooting competition and in the shooting community, I have had more conversations with people about guns.. and have heard:

  • I don’t think I could shoot someone
  • What about shooting them in the leg because I don’t want to kill someone
  • It’s just my nature, I don’t want to hurt someone

VERY Valid Statements & Questions!

People.. I GET IT. I don’t want to hurt someone, let alone kill them.. but I don’t want to be shot or killed either. They, whomever they are, do not have the right to shoot/kill me or my family. However, should you jeopardize my safety or life, I will likely be left with an option to protect myself from you. This does not mean that if someone freaks me out, or if someone is steals my car, or someone curses me out that I will be chasing them down with a firearm screaming at them and firing random bullets in the air, at their car or without any thought or regard. (Insert typical movie drama here. No anti-gun folks, this is not what informed gun owners do.)

Just a quite note, you DO have the right to protect yourself, but keep in mind, that comes with responsibility too.

The 2nd Amendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Again, I couldn’t/wouldn’t just walk up to someone and shoot to kill someone. It’s informed perspective but it is also about preparation as well. But let’s talk about both of these…

Perspective of shooting someone

So, pulling the trigger while aiming at someone is not something that ANYONE would ever plan for, or fathom. Police officers and military, surely that is not their “want”  but protecting their life and the lives of others is their job. So let’s take those two communities out of the picture and discuss common every day people. On that same note, we are also going to take out criminals as well, because, for the most part, they are criminals for a reason.  Remember that blog I wrote – Bad Guys Don’t Care, you may want to review that. They choose to make poor decisions which were against the law and those aren’t are on the same “playing field” as normal every day people, in my humble opinion. So, let’s talk about the perspective of everyday people.

Everyday people shooting others

As I am one of these every day people and shoot competition and train women/people to shoot, my lot in life is NOT to go out and “off people”. My goal though IS to enjoy life with my family and friends. Life has been crazy and even more insane since 2020, I think most of us can agree. I do not put on my belt, holster and firearm on, step out into the world with the intention to shoot folks, but I do hope to make it through the day. However, let’s help you to think about various situations:

>> What if you are at the store with your grandchildren, there is no other way out and someone is walking towards you with a gun, could you shoot them then? Would you aim for their leg or arm at that point, or shoot to kill, to protect yourself and your littles?

>> What if you are at a gas station with your baby in the car and some sketchy person comes up to you (where you can clearly see they have a gun in their pocket) and wants to take your car….. with your baby in it? Could you shoot them then? Would you shoot to kill or just harm? Keep in mind adrenaline kicks in and folks on drugs or in the heat of the moment can function on much more than expected. Would you shoot once, or until that person stopped the threat?

>> What if you are at a restaurant with your family and there is no way out and masked robbers come from the entrance and exit with guns saying they will kill everyone in the restaurant and your young children are freaking out? You have an opportunity to shoot as the robbers are distracted with another family.  Reminder, you have no way out, multiple offenders with guns. Would you sit there and take it, potentially losing your life and your children or shoot to protect yourself and your family?

Don’t things change when you are in the heat of the moment and shit is REAL?  This is why you need to physically and mentally plan for these moments.

Planning for the shit show – Preparation

I mention these scenarios because it could happen. It could be better, like an option to sneak out the back but it could also be worse, with the ONLY means to defend yourself to make it out alive. Do you want to shoot or kill someone? OF COURSE NOT!  But people, you HAVE to consider all of the options, and plan for the best, but also the worst.

I teach firearms training but also situational awareness, because the goal isn’t to shoot, but to NOT be in the situation to have to. However, that requires being more aware and also running through various scenarios and planning for the shit show… to not be a casualty. Let me know if you are interested in getting some friends together and learn more about being safe and some ‘in your face’ real talk about your situational awareness in your home and out in the real world.

Legal Use of Force

To continue the preparation, let’s talk about the what if… what if you have to shoot. Regardless of whether you miss, injure or kill someone, you ARE going to jail. Let’s be real about that. What happens next is dependent upon what happened before the situation escalated, before you brandished your firearm and before you pulled the trigger.

Now, not that I need to remind you, but I am not a lawyer or attorney but we are given the right to protect ourselves, but not all willy nilly.  We are judged as a “reasonable person” would, in the same situation. Reminder, you will be judged by 12.. and you can’t pick them. They aren’t your buddies from the range or your conservative friends, they are random folks in your county.  Those people may be afraid of guns, lost a family member to a shooting or for whatever reason, not very gun friendly, or the like.

The use of deadly force typically needs to fit the following:Be sure you prepare mentally, physically and legally for using your firearm

  • were you in immediate fear of death or bodily harm for yourself or another person
  • were you an innocent party
  • was any lesser force available to stop the threat
  • was there any reasonable means of retreat or escape

Keep these things in mind when you are going about your day and planning your what ifs. Shit happens.. just be sure you are prepared to deal with the shit.

I DO want to live, but I do NOT want to live in jail. Though I understand the consequences for protecting my life, as sad as that may seem, that is our judicial system.

Should you be interested in learning how to shoot, getting your License to Carry (LTC), understanding the Legal Use of Force or getting an advantage by discussing your situational awareness, let me know. You need to plan for the unknown.. because Bad Guys Don’t Care!

Let me know how I can help you, wherever you are in your journey.