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Shooting is a Perishable Skill – Don’t Let Your Life Depend on That!

Firearms Training & Personal Safety

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Shooting is a perishable skill. Hopefully you’ll never HAVE to use your skills, but if you do – wouldn’t you rather be prepared to protect yourself & your family?

Get private and personal firearms training from someone who has learned and actually shoots regularly to practice skills.

Regardless of your level – you can be taught – and as long as you are willing to learn, you will come out well above where you started.

Never touched a firearm? Haven’t touched your firearm in a year or ten? Need a refresher? Need to get better? Want to be a safer gun owner? Look no further! I got you!

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Client Testimonials

I would personally recommend Kristen for gun safety as well as all things guns. She welcomed me into her home to dry fire her hand guns so I could get an idea of what type of gun to buy for my personal use. I was very nervous at first but she helped me get over my fears and was very patient with me. She is very knowledgeable and knows gun safety inside and out. I found a firearm that felt comfortable in my hands and as a result I went out and bought it. I was taking the the LTC course the following week and all the pointers she gave me put me at ease. She showed me the correct way to hold my gun and to never put my finger on the trigger until ready to fire. I passed my course and did great on on the shooting range. I highly recommend Kristen for any and all firearms training. Do not hesitate to learn from one of the best.

Jackie C

Kristen is a wealth of information.  She has a passion for helping women become proficient in their desired firearm.  Kristen helped me when I was ready to move forward with learning about guns.  She listened when I wanted to take a more informational class prior to actually firing the gun. Others dismissed that idea because it’s not necessary to learn to shoot.  She was supportive any time we went to the range.  She then encouraged me to get my LTC and made step-by-step suggestions to gain confidence for me to actually carry my gun.  Now I even enjoy shooting matches.  If this testimonial sounds a little biased, then you should know that it is because she is one of my best friends.  But because she is my best friend, I know how much time she spends developing the best way to help each woman individually.  Choosing Kristen to help you learn all aspects of firearms is the best choice you can make if you are interested in learning the basics of firearm safety, or how to carry, or to even learn to compete.

Kicker C

Selecting Ear Protection

Selecting Ear Protection

So often I get asked.... "what do I need for the range"? Well, there are several things you need such as: to dress comfortably & appropriately (to include closed toed shoes and a high neck tshirt (not V neck) a hat to help block the flying brass as well as the sun...

What is Dry Fire & How Do I Do It?

What is Dry Fire & How Do I Do It?

When I train ladies, I often talk about dry fire. I am sure I get some that have no idea what I am talking about and some actually ask. I am so glad they do because I don't know what you don't know.  However, because I have gotten the question, I try to incorporate...

Guns… in Their Home… You Can Ask

Guns… in Their Home… You Can Ask

As an avid gun-toting woman and mom, gun safety has always been important, as it should be. I've owned guns since I was 18. I actually learned how to shoot from the San Diego Police Dept in a basic firearms safety class I took, with my Colt 45.  I lived at home still,...

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