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We recently had the pleasure of hosting Kristen at Turrango’s for a specialized shooting class, and we couldn’t be more impressed. From start to finish, Kristen demonstrated exceptional expertise, professionalism, and a genuine passion for teaching.

Kristen’s class was thoroughly engaging and informative. She has a remarkable ability to break down complex techniques into simple, understandable steps, making it easy for participants of all skill levels to follow along and improve. Her deep knowledge of shooting, combined with practical tips and real-world examples, provided us with valuable insights that will undoubtedly enhance our shooting skills.

One of the highlights of the session was Kristen’s personalized approach. She took the time to give individual attention, offering tailored feedback and encouragement to each participant. This level of dedication ensured that everyone felt supported and motivated throughout the class.

In addition to her technical prowess, Kristen’s friendly and approachable demeanor made the learning experience enjoyable for everyone. She created a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it easy for participants to ask questions and engage fully in the training.

Overall, Kristen’s class was a fantastic experience that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their shooting skills. Thank you, Kristen, for a wonderful and impactful session at Turrango’s. We look forward to having you back soon!  ~Joe T (group of 5, 1 lady)

I’d only held a gun once in my life – and I remember shaking the whole time. I wanted to understand them better, get comfortable with them enough that if I had to – I could protect myself and my family. I wanted to be safe handling them and keep my family safe from accidents with them. I wanted to be able to have conversations with people regarding guns – as there is so much misinformation out there regarding guns – especially being espoused in the media and from the government.

A dream inspired me to contact Kristen – I knew her from the gym and a women’s organization – and set up two sessions. I was so comfortable with her from the start. She listened to my story and shared hers. We started from the beginning – since I knew basically nothing about guns. And we also discussed current events and laws. The first time I picked up a gun in my lesson I wasn’t anywhere near as nervous as I expected to be. My second lesson was at the actual shooting range – which I’d never been to in my life. I was able to successfully load and shoot different guns – on target!

Kristen is an excellent instructor. She listens, is extremely knowledgeable, considerate, safe, comfortable, and fun. There was never any time that I felt concerned about hurting myself or anyone else – under her careful watch and instruction – and my confidence has grown from the experience.

I don’t know if I will ever carry or keep a weapon at my bedside. As I get more comfortable, experienced, and wiser – we will see where it goes. But I know – when I’m ready for more instruction in this journey – Kristen Day will be my instructor. I highly recommend her. ~MA Johnson

The class was awesome, very informative and fun. I learned a lot! ~Rossana M

Kristen Day was an amazing instructor and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend her classes to beginner and seasoned shooters alike!   ~Jasmine A

Had a great time being at the range with Kristen Wilson Day!! I had not touched or shot my gun since Covid and having her recap everything made me feel more confident in carrying my gun again. She is definitely a better teacher than my husband because she is a lady and she gets it! She helped me feel better about drawing my gun from my holster and I didn’t feel shame having to pick up my boobs and show some skin lol because she understands from her own perspective. Looking forward to your skills and drills class! Also found out I like shooting her Glock 26 compared to my Sig! ~Shanelle T

Kristen is a great teacher. Not only is she knowledgeable but patient and kind. As a beginner, I took her Firearm Training class (couple) and was quite nervous. I also have some special needs that Kristen was very attentive to. I left our second class with the confidence I was trying to achieve. Having a women instructor is such a bonus. She understands from experience our unique needs. I would recommend Kristen to anyone, women or man, who wants a better understanding of firearm safety and shooting fundamentals. ~Carol H

Kristen is phenomenal! I am a new competitive shooter. She spent time watching me shoot and she would make suggestions. I would run through the steps again and get immediate feedback. She is patient and kind. We broke down my gun control (or lack of) and we walked slowly back through the steps until I was much more confident. Everything she showed me I was able to take home with me and continue to practice. She truly does care about you and wants to see you succeed. I highly recommend her for anyone who is just getting started or wants to be better. ~Sharon W

The content Kristen presented was relevant and for the time allotted it was sufficient. She provided easy-to-digest explanations of what could be considered very dry and mundane topics. I hope to take more of her classes in the future and would recommend her classes to any woman interested in personal protection and gun safety, whether they are novices or experts. ~Carla S.

Excellent information and presentation. Looking forward to more. ~Jeannie M

Kristen is the absolute best!!! ~Tammy N.

Enjoyed the class Kristen Day. I learned new techniques, additional rules for safety and defense. I look forward to taking more classes from you. ~Grace G.

I hired Kristen to teach my employees at a corporate event focusing on safety, laws and practical shooting skills. My employees were very excited to attend. Kristen did a great job with organizing the class. She provided the safety instructions first, then split everyone into groups based on skill level for the practical portion so that she could work with them, and had games to make the shooting fun. While one group was shooting, Kristen arranged for the other group to meet with Larry the USCCA rep about the benefits of membership and current laws. Both the men and women in the group were very open to instruction and appreciated all of the instructions and tips she provided. My team really loved the activity and said it was one of the best team building events we have had. I would highly recommend this type of event and specifically Kristen as an instructor. ~Chandra W (company class)

Loved the class very informative, I didn’t realize how badly my skills and shooting “muscle memory” had deteriorated. ~Dave F (via company class)

Kristen was awesome. I hadn’t fired a gun in over 10 years. I was not sure what to expect. She took ample time explaining how the gun worked, how to load it, dry firing to get the trigger pull down and coaching me through it. Once i shot about 10 rounds with my husbands gun, she had me try out several of hers, even her competition gun! I was able to see which one worked best for me. She gave pointers and stood by me talking me through each fire and reminding me of safety along the way. Thank you Kristen! ~Carissa B

This was a great experience! Kristen knows her stuff, and makes sure you understand it. So comfortable, so safe, and so fun! I had a blast, I highly recommend Kristen for instruction in both class, and on the range. ~Nancy W

Kristen is calm and patient and takes time to walk you through every step and help correct you on anything that might need correcting. Kristen is definitely a great teacher! ~Alie O

I hadn’t shot a firearm in years and wanted a refresher and tips on how to improve. I was also keen to work with a woman who would explain and encourage without being condescending. It was an amazing experience. Kristen clearly explained gun safety and gun range protocols and helped build the muscle memory of “finger off the trigger”. She also offered guidelines and strategies that really helped me get in the right mindset and correct form to fire my gun. It was entirely a positive experience with Kristen offering both compliments and critiques. By the end of our session I felt more confident and am quite excited to get back to the range to practice. Thanks Kristen! ~Ashley R

I had an incredible 1:1 lesson today with Kristen at the gun range on firearm safety. She’s knowledgeable, professional, patient and overall just a top notch certified instructor! Today was my first time shooting live ammunition. By the looks of the target practice, I did GREAT. I’m super proud of myself for learning a new skill. I still have lots to learn but I know who will be teaching me!!! Seriously ladies you need to check out WTF Kristen. ~Patricia C

Many, many thanks to Kristen Day for the firearms training.  I came away with much more info on the mechanics and safety features of guns and confidence in my ability to handle my firearm.  Kristen is very knowledgeable, patient, kind and funny!  Looking forward to our time on the range. ~Lillian M

I had the opportunity to train with Kristen and let me just say, it was awesome! I have experience with shooting but was looking to get a refresher and to improve on accuracy, (I hadn’t shot for a while). Kristen provided exactly what I needed and wanted. She is very thorough, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. She KNOWS what she is doing. She was able to spot a few things I needed to work on and after some practice, my accuracy did improve. I highly recommend you look into taking this training with her. It is well worth it. You will gain more confidence and if you’re new to shooting, she’s the one you want to train you from start to finish. ~Christina L

It’s so much fun!! Kristen takes your education seriously. She teaches you safety, then gives you practical explanations of all the things you need to know! While all we did was dry fire, it was practical application of self defense in a home! Plus who doesn’t like shooting guns in a crown? ~Brittany G

As a woman who did not grow up around guns and having a bad experience with guns once, I knew I needed to get comfortable with handling one safely. Kristen was kind enough to help me. I learned more from her in two hours than I ever did from any guy who ever tried to teach me. I feel like I have a solid basis to start the journey of getting my license to carry. Kristen is patient and super knowledgeable. You are in good hands with her. Call her ASAP. You will be glad you did.  ~Deb B

I really enjoyed my time with Kristen! I was a little nervous going in because I hadn’t shot any of my pistols since I got my LTC 4 years ago, and 2 of them were brand new, never been fired. She met me where I was at in my knowledge of gun safety and use, without judgment and was very patient with me. I felt very comfortable and safe with her and her knowledge, training and direction for firearms. Loved that she went over gun safety before we went in to shoot, and would gently correct me when I forgot something while in the range. She left me with some homework on dry firing, and sent me a written outline of everything after we left. I love her attention to details! I went in nervous, and came out empowered!  ~Laura C

Kristen is a wealth of information. She has a passion for helping women become proficient in their desired firearm. Kristen helped me when I was ready to move forward with learning about guns. She listened when I wanted to take a more informational class prior to actually firing the gun. Others dismissed that idea because it’s not necessary to learn to shoot. She was supportive any time we went to the range. She then encouraged me to get my LTC and made step-by-step suggestions to gain confidence for me to actually carry my gun. Now I even enjoy shooting matches. If this testimonial sounds a little biased, then you should know that it is because she is one of my best friends. But because she is my best friend, I know how much time she spends developing the best way to help each woman individually. Choosing Kristen to help you learn all aspects of firearms is the best choice you can make if you are interested in learning the basics of firearm safety, or how to carry, or to even learn to compete. ~Kicker C

I would personally recommend Kristen for gun safety as well as all things guns. She welcomed me into her home to dry fire her hand guns so I could get an idea of what type of gun to buy for my personal use. I was very nervous at first but she helped me get over my fears and was very patient with me. She is very knowledgeable and knows gun safety inside and out. I found a firearm that felt comfortable in my hands and as a result I went out and bought it. I was taking the the LTC course the following week and all the pointers she gave me put me at ease. She showed me the correct way to hold my gun and to never put my finger on the trigger until ready to fire. I passed my course and did great on on the shooting range. I highly recommend Kristen for any and all firearms training. Do not hesitate to learn from one of the best. ~Jackie C

If you are looking for a great pistol instructor Kristen Day would be my first choice. When I was preparing for my first National Competition Kristen gave me instruction and guidance that earned me a 2nd place award in my division and class. If you want training as a beginner, experienced that needs a refresher or want to get into competition I would call Kristen. ~Jeannie M

After buying a new pistol and having not gone shooting in years, I was less confident than I should be with my weapon. She slowed it down, focused on safety, watched my natural stance and made corrections while keeping me comfortable and confident. I left that session much more prepared. I cannot wait for our next training session! ~Kate B

Before buying my first gun and getting my LTC I wanted to know the ins and outs of guns and gun safety. Kristen was the perfect solution. On our first meeting, I learned so much about safety, handling a gun, the importance of planning. She walked me step by step through each and gave me rationales. This appealed to my nurse practitioner brain because I’m all about risk assessment and reduction. She is thorough in her teachings and makes it fun by using her sense of humor to ease you into it. At the range, she talked me through each step and then true to a good teacher, she knew when to let me fly on my own. I was admittedly nervous and her approach makes it less intimidating. She never made me feel dumb for asking a question. She even researched my requirements for my LTC, she wanted to ensure I was ready. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend her! ~Rachel B

Kristen welcomed me into her home for personalized one-on-one training. I knew I wanted to improve my comfort around guns and address accuracy and efficiency in my shooting. Kristen gave clear instruction, listened to my questions, and immediately recognized my weak points to know what to practice and improve. Safety was always the priority. Kristen is personable, patient, and kind. I recommend her training program to anyone willing to learn! ~Patricia A

I took One-on-One training with Kristen because I did not even feel proficient enough to take a group class. As a matter of fact, Kristen is the one who took the tag off my gun when I brought it to the lesson (that’s how new I was to shooting)! But by the time I was able to go to the range, I realized all she had taught me. She pointed out to me some things I was doing well by comparing my target to some of the other targets. I was able to be successful in a short time because of all the advantages that I received from her experience and the tools/equipment she had for me to practice with. I still have a lot of work to do but I’m comfortable and able to safely use my new gun. ~Stephanie W


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