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How They’re Doing

Real Work – Real Results

corporate shooting event, learning to be safe
Corporate safety and awareness shooting class
Did great wit 4 guns and after 10 years of not shooting
great job even with having prior fear issues
getting over fears
learn to shoot for your safety
learn to shoot for personal protection
very little experience
very little experience
very little experience
turned this girl into a gun lover
Not seeing the issues she thought she had
Working on her trigger press
first time shooter
never shot a gun before
teaching women to be safe
safety with firearms builds confidence
happy with first night shooting with this gun
first time shooting with this gun
needed a refresher course
just needed a refresher course to get back on track
never shot a gun before
needed a refresher
Learn to shoot the right way
Julie working 2 different guns
gun owner with prior experience
Christina and her target
needed a refresher
working on vision issues
helping women get out of their head
getting her power back
Completion of Basic Firearms Safety class
Basic Firearms Safety class shooting proficiency
happy with her refresher course
refresher firearms training
Learning to be safe
Learn firearms safety at your pace
Brittany working on dry fire with a laser
girls learning to shoot outside
ladies learning to shoot safely
mom and daughter training together
mother and daughter learning to shoot together
Helping Simian at PSC after a match


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