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If I had a dollar, actually let’s say a penny, for every time I had a woman tell me that they will get training as soon as X, I’d be a freaken millionaire. Lol

As a momma myself, I have been there. It’s a regular freaken circus but instead of each act on center stage one at a time, it’s all of them going at the same time. Which one do you look at? Girl, I get it. I have been there. I worked full time 30 min away from my home with 2 active teens, each in a MS/HS sport and then travel sports where we would travel every holiday weekend and at least once a month out of STATE, while I was going to school full time online, and I did most of this solo as I was single and then started dating Josh but at that time felt it wasn’t his job to run my kids around so I still did it all. So, YO! When I say I get it, I seriously feel you!Make sure you train yourself to be aware and a protector

And while my kids are out of the house (and state) now, I am running TWO very busy businesses, networking with at least one or two groups several times a month, work out 5 days a week, participate in my political group by “voluntolding” several things I was asked if I could “help”.  You know how that goes, right?  I also volunteer for some doggie cuddle at a shelter, travel for shooting competitions and make a point to hang with my girlfriends.  And of course, all the misc shit that us women do for our families, our significant others, our pets, our homes, etc etc etc.  (Oh the joys of woman/mom hood)  So, again, I get that life is super busy, but we will always make time for what is important to us.

Making time for what’s important

You ever have someone ask you if you wanted to do X and you weren’t quite interested and you made an excuse of why you couldn’t, like no time or money? And then someone else asks you to do Z, of which you love, for the same day and somehow you had the time or money? ..Because you made it work.

What about when you are just at the end of your rope and your kiddo calls or a friend calls because they need you… why of course you drop everything and go.

But what about YOU? When do YOU become a PRIORITY?! When do YOU drop everything for YOU?  And I’m not ONLY talking about pampering yourself, getting some self care and that sort of thing, as that is super important and you need that too, but I am talking about making sure you are protecting you, AND your family too!

FOLKS (not just calling out the ladies here), the bad guys don’t give a rats ass about when Johnny’s soccer practice is done, or when school year is over, or when summer is done, or when it’s warmer, or when your online class is done, or when you get over that break up,  or or or…  THEY DON’T CARE!

Let’s talk about the bad guysBad guys will take advantage of your lack of awareness and safety

I thought I’d give you some perspective about the bad guys… other than they don’t care.

They aren’t:

  • practicing with their firearm
  • getting properly trained with their firearm
  • getting trained to be more aware and safe
  • getting their LTC (License to Carry)
  • worrying about knowing the safety rules or how to carry
  • worrying about which gun to get and whether to get one with a safety or not
  • following or playing by the rules
  • staying in their lane
  • worrying about who is in their way
  • getting their firearms legally
  • waiting on your excuses to finish up so you can be trained to come after your ass

So, for the LOVE of all things…..




And, when you make the time for you, you are more equipped to protect not only you, but those precious loves of your life. So, if you won’t do it for YOU, do it for THEM!

Let me know how I can help you, whether you need to learn to shoot, want to be more comfy with you firearms (likely because you weren’t fully trained, or trained properly), want to purchase a firearm, want to get into competition to improve your skills or educate you and your family how to be safer and more aware.