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If I had a dollar, every time I was asked that question… well, I’d have enough ammo for the rest of my life! 🙂

So, my response is always the same. What is your purpose and can you make it function properly?  Let’s go over those two.

What is your purpose?Learn how to pick a gun perfect for your needs

Think about it – whatever your purpose is, your needs will likely change. Let’s go through a few questions:

  • Are you carrying on your person?
    • Will you open carry? (OWB – outside waist band)
    • Will you carry inside your pants (IWB – inside waist band)
    • Will you appendix carry? (AIWB)
    • Will you carry with bra holster? (bra holster like Flashbang)
  • Are you purse carrying?
  • Will you leave this gun on the nightstand?

So, with those things in mind, that will help you determine the size of the gun you can accommodate.  Now, don’t get me wrong, more is better… lol

Does it work for you

Originally I said, can you make it function properly…. these are essentially getting to the same point. Let’s go through some more questions:

  • Does it feel good in your hands? (both hands and one handed – you never know, that may need to happen)
  • Can you rack the slide?
    • This is usually a problem – however, taught properly, it can be improved
  • Does it have a safety? Do you even want one? (and why!?)
  • Does it feel comfortable when you fire it?

So, when you are able to answer those questions and get your hands one some guns and try them out, this should answer your first question – What Gun Should I Buy!

If you need help going over some of these options, I am available for firearms consulting.  If you are ready to shoot your gun, safely and well – then let’s get to some training for you! Contact me and let’s get started!