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When I train ladies, I often talk about dry fire. I am sure I get some that have no idea what I am talking about and some actually ask. I am so glad they do because I don’t know what you don’t know.  However, because I have gotten the question, I try to incorporate explaining what it is when I train.

What is dry fire

Pretty simply, dry fire is basically doing the same things you may do at the range but without the live ammunition. You can dry fire at the range too, if you want, and most times I do some there as well. But the cool thing, you can do it from ANYWHERE. I have taken my laser and my reactive target from Laser-Ammo.com to a hotel when I am traveling to do some dry fire there. (more on tools later)

So, again, and not to sound silly, dry fire is everything but the bang.

Why is dry fire important

As I have said many times, shooting is a perishable skill so if you don’t use it, you can lose it as your skills will degrade. I don’t know about you, but I want my shooting skills to be on point should I need them for self defense. Plus, because I compete in pistol competitions, I want my skills to be continuously improving.

Muscle memory

Shooting is a mental game/sport. If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t. We put in the practice so that should we ever need it, our mind will slip into that subconscious habit we have created and help us through that scary moment! Your brain doesn’t have to see a round exit out of the chamber in order to see that you are practicing.

How you can practicePractice dry fire at home in just 10 min a day

So, I get it, you are new to shooting so what and how do you practice with dry fire.  You can go from simple things to more elaborate things when it comes to practicing, I’ll share a few examples:

  • practice picking up the gun from a table and getting a good grip
  • practice holding gun at compressed ready and pushing out and getting a good sight picture
  • work on drawing from your carry holster, whether it is inside waistband (IWB) or purse carry
  • work on the basic fundamentals such as a great stance, slightly bent knees and hinging slightly forward at the waist
  • practice bringing your gun up to your eyes/head versus moving your head down to meet the gun
  • practice transitioning from one target to another by leading with your eyes
  • and the list goes on

There is no need to practice a whole stage or practicing every single thing that you have learned about shooting at one session. Remember practice is about repetition, however you want to be sure you are practicing good habits. How better to do that than by doing one thing at a time, a whole bunch of times.

Be sure that you practice proper safety when you dry fire, and at all times. This includes having zero ammo in the room!

And not only that, but dry fire is sooooo much cheaper than live fire

Dry fire is cost efficient

I did a video discussing the difference between live fire and dry fire costs – seems like a no brainer, but check it out for yourself.

Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for a few more videos on dry fire and some drills you can do.

Laser Ammo dry fire training

I am sponsored by Laser Ammo so I love supporting businesses that support me and my community so here is a great place to start. If you have a 9mm, you can get the SureStrike drop in laser and LaserPet II from them.  Be sure to use my code – Day5$off – to save a little money.

If you have any other questions, be sure to drop a comment below or join my FB Group – WTF Kristen and join other like minded women and keep up on my training classes and tips.

Hope to see you on the range!